Own the Conversation with Paid Social

Globally, we’re spending more time on social media. The problem businesses are facing is engaging this audience organically. Fortunately, social media advertising now allows you to put your business in front of these audiences with hyper-targeted ads.

Combining this targeted approach with creative flair – Digital Heads can deliver Social Advertising campaigns that provide results. From advert creation, through to delivery, we bring years of experience into the frame. The result? We meet your business objectives at the right price – whether that’s increasing awareness, making direct sales or generating leads.

Our Paid Social Media Advertising Services:

Targeting Options

Social media companies now allow advertisers to target niche audiences through ads. Demographics such as age, location, occupation (to name a few) allow advertisers to segment audiences and target with relevant ads.

Digital Heads will create multiple personas based on your audience demographic, to help ensure all ads are relevant and served up to the right target audience.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences take existing CRM data, which is then fed into Facebook (or Google) to find similar audiences, with similair attributes. The beauty of this, it allows us to instantly identify and target these similar audiences with ads – thus increasing conversion rate.

Optimisation can be increased further by segmenting and splitting audience data accordingly.

Facebook Lead Generation

Lead generation Facebook ads allow you to serve up targeted ads and capture relevant data from your target audience.

Creating simple lead gen forms enables users to convert with two clicks and remain on the Facebook platform. Best of all, this is one of the most cost-effective and efficient strategies you can roll out.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn lead gen forms are the perfect way to get your business in front of decision makers. Users can effortlessly submit their contact details into on-site forms to generate high quality leads and enquiries.

Advertisers can target audiences down to senior decision makers within any industry – making LinkedIn lead gen forms the must for any b2b campaign.


Ever felt like Facebook is watching you?  They aren’t, but websites are tracking your cookies. Remarketing allows brands to re-engage website visitors who didn’t convert and bring them back to their site via ads.

Due to the pre-existing ‘buy-in’ retargerting allows, conversion rates are much higher and cost-effective.

Link Adverts

Link adverts are a great way to drive awareness and traffic to your site.  Ultimately, link adverts can be utilised at any stage of the customer journey – from awareness to conversion phase.

Like all Facebook adverts, you can target a highly specific audience and tailor your call to action to deliver real results.

paid social customer journey diagram

Paid Social Purchasing Journey

While paid social is most impactful during awareness and consideration phases, it can support purchasing decisions during the entirety of the journey, especially when combined with pixel-based, behavioural retargeting. Paid Social campaigns may also have a different impact on customers depending on when they reach them or when they interact.

In order to nudge users through the funnel, we will create relevant content that accommodates and supports users at varying stages of the purchase funnel. All of our campaigns are tried and tested, and guaranteed to deliver!

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