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Do your company’s web pages rank well on Google’s search results? Perhaps not. It’s likely that the reason you’re reading this is because you recognise the value of SEO, but you haven’t yet found the SEO company you need.  When you talk to Digital Heads, you’ll discover pretty quickly that we provide a comprehensive SEO service that will be part of your long-term success.

Please remember, however: SEO is not a ‘quick fix’.  When you work with us, we will work systematically towards achieving your aims.  Ranking success achieved organically is probably the most satisfying marketing activity there is.  It’s cost-effective, ongoing and, best of all, long-term.

Analysis & Auditing

We start the SEO process by discussing your business objectives and how you intend to achieve them.  A Site Audit is then undertaken to identify the key issues that may be affecting your website’s performance.  These could include making simple ‘technical’ changes such as modifying your meta tags; optimising your site speed; and improving the effectiveness of your overall tecnical performance.

An appraisal of the overall User Experience (UX) of visitors to your site may also be of benefit.  This could include design and layout components, navigation and copy quality.

SEO Manchester analysis and auditing
on page optimisation for SEO in Manchester

On-page & Content Optimisation

Successful on-page SEO relies heavily on keyword research.  This is where we identify the words your potential customers may use to search for the main services offered by your business.  The keywords are placed carefully at strategic points on your web pages – in headlines, sub-heads and body copy as well as in behind-the-scenes meta tags which you can see on Google’s results pages.  The keywords, synonyms or ‘long-tail keywords’ found on your web pages are then ranked by Google’s robots on the strength of their relevance to specific terms searched for.  On-page SEO complements ‘off-page SEO’ that relies on links generated by your content marketing.

The above will then allow for a mapped out content strategy that will target the specified keywords and generate links.

Link Acquisition

Link building – or ‘link acquisition’ – is a vital part of effective SEO.  Every time Google spots a reference to your website, this is seen as a vote of confidence in your content.  In addition to the number of these links, the ‘quality’ of links is equally significant.  Examples of high quality links include those to businesses that have their own quality link profiles such as national publications (e.g. The Mail Online).  Academic websites are also valuable, as are links from leading players in your own sector.  Digital Heads will work to build your links with key media by helping you create quality content that is dedicated to achieving your SEO aims.

link building SEO services in Manchester

Actionable Reporting

Our jargon-free Reporting is as simple as ABC!  From Day One, we track your success – and refer back to our original SEO proposals to make sure everything stays on track.  Results are presented in a written and online format that you can discuss in regular monthly meetings – or on the phone at any time!

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