A Cost-Effective Way to Maximise Your Pay Per Click ROI

PPC is the quick and cost-effective way to cut through the thousands of competitor websites that stand between you and greater business success.  To feature on Page One of Google, choose a Manchester-based PPC agency with the experience you need to achieve great things! PPC management campaigns run by Digital Heads will ensure your sales proposition is in front of potential customers in a matter of hours.  To achieve this, we use proven project management skills to match your marketing aims with a competitive online marketplace.

Our PPC management skills include in-depth keyword research to reach your target audience – plus the creative expertise to craft keyword-led ads and persuasive landing pages that generate sales enquiries and conversions.  Above all, we will monitor and adjust your campaigns to guarantee optimum value for money.

Research Phase

We begin by looking at your experience of PPC, if any.  The fact you’re considering Digital Heads suggests that past results were disappointing – or maybe you were paying over the odds?  You may of course be new to PPC.  In all cases, we keep the entire process as simple as possible.  Results are what matter.

In the ‘Research Phase’, we analyse your marketing objectives and how best to achieve a cost-effective presence by using commercially relevant keywords.  That means looking closely at what other companies in your sector are doing with their PPC.  Having created a ‘plan of action’, it’s vital to monitor your ‘bids’ – or costs-per-click – to make sure you’re not over-spending, and also to ensure that your ad groups and keywords are as effective as possible.

PPC Management Research
PPC management creative planning


Writing small ads that make a BIG impact is a real skill that lies at the heart of PPC.  Persuading potential customers to click on your ads AND move from your landing page to follow your ‘call to action’ – now you’re talking!

Digital Heads has that special combination of creative copywriting skills allied to high levels of commercial awareness.  We’ll take your website from ‘zero to hero’ with well-constructed PPC campaigns that draw on our unique marketing insights – and your need for ongoing success.

Whether you’re looking to improve the cost-effectiveness of your existing campaigns, or you want to use PPC to take your marketing strategy to another level with a totally new campaign – Digital Heads want to hear from you!

Track, Tweak and Report

All PPC campaigns undertaken by Digital Heads track results in great detail to see how they measure up against initial targets.  This ongoing activity enables us to fine-tune the optimisation of your campaign and best allocate your budget spend.

A valuable spin-off from this is the capability it gives us to generate reports from which we can highlight specific areas of progress and take informed decisions.  It also keeps our clients very much ‘in the loop’ when it comes to issues such as accountability and cost-effective working.

PPC is of course a highly measurable marketing tool which makes it popular with businesses across the world.  Digital Heads are always keen to demonstrate the effectiveness of our PPC skills in weekly or monthly written reports and regular face-to-face meetings.

PPC Reporting and analysis

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