Digital PR - Making your Business Front Page News!

Digital PR – also known as ‘Online PR’ – is all about earning online media coverage by distributing your content to receptive journalists and bloggers.  The content could be articles or news releases, videos, infographics, surveys and reports.

In some ways, Digital PR is similar to traditional PR.  From the point of view of securing media coverage and boosting awareness of your brand, their aims are virtually the same.

Where online and offline PR differ, however, is in the increased exposure that Digital PR generates via backlinks to your web pages from online publicity, information or news.  As a result, your content will be seen by a greater number of people, and the links will improve your SEO and search engine rankings.

Six Ways Digital PR Can Grow Your Business

Digital PR works across multiple channels to provide powerful results. For example, one campaign could generate media coverage, seeing your brand (and content) positioned in front of a mass audience. This, in turn, will generate high authority links to boost your SEO performance, create social conversations and drive engaged traffic – supporting your lead-gen and sales efforts. Ultimately, Digital PR can be the catalyst for the growth of your business online.

Increase Brand Awareness

Put your brand in front of a previously untapped audience, raising awareness and giving your brand a platform to shine.

Drive Relevant Traffic

Bring relevant and high volumes of traffic to your site – supporting your lead generation and sales strategy.

Build Authoritative Links

Naturally acquire high authority links from a range of media sources to supercharge your SEO performance.

Raise Your Company Profile

Raise the profile of your business or brand, providing commentary and thought leadership in front of your peers or target audience.

Create Social Buzz

Start conversations via social and allow your brand to become the topic of conversation. Driving traffic, mentions and awareness.

Gain Media Coverage

The obvious by-product of digital PR – media coverage. Quickly convey your message to a mass audience and watch the links and citations appear.

Increase Brand Awareness

Digital Public Relations is a powerful way to inform valuable new B2B audiences of your business, and everything it has to offer.  By developing high quality content, you can engage with specialist online journalists, bloggers and influencers.

Along the way, your Digital PR activities will increase the online visibility of your site content – as well as improving your site’s domain authority and brand reputation.  The net effect of all this is to increase site traffic and lead generation.

It’s an ongoing process that has both immediate and longer-term rewards for your business.  By giving you the capability to target niche media, Digital PR can be your secret weapon to nurture brand awareness and the increased sales that spell success!

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Boost Your SEO Performance

One of the most effective ways to achieve SEO success is by generating quality backlinks to your website with Digital Public Relations.  The higher the domain authority of the website that links to yours, the more highly regarded your content will be in the ‘eyes’ of Google’s robots!  Collectively, the ‘votes of confidence’ that each link represents will ultimately contribute to your ranking success.

Where you distribute your content will therefore have a major influence on your SEO success.  Through a tailored media distribution list, you have exceptional control over the quality of links achievable.  Of course, content distribution isn’t always about SEO.  It may also be about whether the readership will buy from you.  Digital PR nirvana, however, can be yours by combining the two!

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