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Unlocking the potential of content marketing could transform the fortunes of your company.  Working with Digital Heads in Manchester will open your eyes to just how much content marketing can achieve.

To explain: with high quality, original content that grabs your target audience by the eye-balls you’re already onto a winner.  We’re talking here about distributing persuasive and informative content created by Digital Heads.  That could include blog posts or articles, web content, videos, infographics and much more.

As well as generating a stream of sales leads and increasing brand awareness, content makes a big contribution to your SEO performance.  Of course, all this takes time and know-how.  If you’re short of both, Digital Heads would be pleased to do the honours!

Content Creation

From an assessment of your business objectives, we can decide how to create the most relevant and persuasive material for your target audience.  Integral to this process is deciding which distribution vehicles to use – articles, videos, podcasts and so on.

It’s likely you’ll be targeting multiple audiences so you will therefore need a plan of action.  Having decided on the subject matter of your content campaign, you will need a ‘content calendar’ that sets out which content will be sent where, and on what dates.

Digital Heads have the creative resources to produce professional content on an ongoing basis.  We will work closely with you to maintain the highest creative standards and ensure that we meet the details of your brief on every level.

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Content We Create

'How to' Guides
Web Content
White Papers

Content Distribution

Well-planned content distribution will repay your efforts many times over.  Shared or distributed content that reaches your target audience is the ultimate aim of content marketing.  Examples of the distribution channels used by Digital heads include digital PR, blogger and influencer engagement, social media, PPC and strategic e-mailing, among others.

It’s worth remembering that content marketing is NOT a quick fix.  It requires planning, diligence and imaginative execution.  In other words – fresh, inspiring content should be produced regularly as part of your company’s ongoing marketing strategy.  Content should be part of your corporate DNA.  Handled well, it will deliver staggering returns on your investment.  With profit being a function of time, the time to start your new content marketing campaign is NOW!

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