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It goes without saying: your business deserves high quality business leads… and lots of them.  With our professional WordPress web design, you can look forward to an effective, co-ordinated package that will improve your Google rankings and boost your bottom line.

Our websites deliver a unique user experience (UX) that reflects your brand values.  Watch out for eye-catching creative design combined with ease of navigation, fluent copy content, SEO and hosting – it’s all coming your way when you link up with Digital Heads!

Our professional, marketing-aware approach is highly results-focused.  Optimised websites are part of our commercial DNA.  By extension, so is our level of personal service, and the value-for-money that goes with it. That’s Digital Heads: your full-service, Manchester-based marketing consultancy.

Planning and Project Management

At Digital Heads, the planning that goes into web creation is not a linear process.  Instead, we see it as a bundle of opportunities that emerge from working closely with our clients.  We do of course take a disciplined approach to your timeframes and making sure the website reflects your corporate culture and business aims.  We will also listen carefully to your ideas and commercial priorities.

When we talk about ‘Planning’, our approach is intuitive and flexible – not rigid and dogmatic.  We recognise that you, as a client, have a point of view and a vision of what you expect from your website.  When you work with Digital Heads, you can be sure that careful planning is a key part of the creative process.

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Web Design and Development

Our experienced designers bring a wide range of skillsets to the individual challenges of every type of website.  We’ve worked in many business sectors, so we bring a ‘real-world’ understanding to the overall creative process.

On the business front, we make it a priority to understand your brand.  Armed with this, we can design a powerful and persuasive website that will sharpen your competitive edge in the marketplace.

Every website designed by Digital Heads embraces best-practice user experience (UX) techniques, user flows and site architecture.  We also use content management systems (CMS).  This gives people within your company the freedom to create, develop and manage all your site content after just a few hours of non-technical training.

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Establishing Future Growth

Once your website is up and running, you’ll be keen to see key areas of your business featuring highly on search engines’ results pages.  With this in mind, we ensure that all our sites are developed to realise the full growth potential of your company.

Before we launch a website, we examine every element on our meticulously constructed SEO checklist.  We do this in conjunction with expert SEO copywriting techniques where there is also a rigorous focus on conversion.

As part of our full-service approach to providing your company with marketing support, we can tailor various levels of ongoing involvement to suit your internal resources and budgets.  This could be continuing to improve your website’s design, copy and SEO performance; or working on your business in general.

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