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SME Focus, North West: Glossop

  • By Digital Heads
  • September 10, 2019
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Every week Digital Heads take a look at SMEs doing great things in the North West – we do this through the eyes of a digital marketing consultancy. Exploring everything from great social accounts, websites or even fantastic branding. As a consultancy, we like to champion SMEs and celebrate marketing done well. This week, we’re focusing on the market town of Glossop, which sits on the borders of Manchester, Derbyshire and Cheshire. Glossop has grown significantly in recent years, with an influx of professionals seeking the tranquillity of the peaks, blended with easy commuter access to Manchester. This, in turn, has seen a number of exciting businesses open and businesses of old flourish.

We’ve drawn together a list of SMEs we feel are doing great marketing in Glossop. We’ve looked at all activities across the digital marketing mix and pulled out our favourites below!

Howard Town Brewery – Social content

Okay so there may be some bias here, as we do love a pint (or two), but we love what Howard Town Brewery are doing on social. Taking user-generated content and using it on their own channels and really engaging with the local (Glossop community). Howard Town, also give some insight into their brewing process, sharing pics of their micro-brewery and letting the consumer truly get a ‘feel’ for the brand. Ultimately, the brewery is really good at portraying the brand on their social channels to create a strong identity and retain their local Glossop roots.

Glossop Caravans – Video Content

When anybody thinks Glossop, they must think Glossop Caravans? One of the leading players in the mobile home market (and Glossop businesses) – Glossop caravans are prolific across a number of marketing channels. We recently come across their localised TV campaigns and were compelled enough to take a closer look at their video content. They have a series of videos that take a simple, but effective look at their product range. Resulting in interesting and entertaining content – even if it’s just to daydream over their £100,000 campervan videos.

Davis Blank Furniss – Use of content

Legal services can be difficult at the best of times to discuss, but DBF Law has a great blog that provides real ‘value-add’ for their audiences. The DBF blog has a series of informative posts for clients and industry colleagues alike.

High Peak Steels – Brand personality

And a final mention for Hight Peak Steels for adding a bit of personality into their brand. Taking recent wins in the Cricket World Cup and injecting that into their comms. We all like a bit of fun!

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